The River

I walk along the Boise River Greenbelt trails at least once a week for at least an hour and a half while taking various routes and visiting the adjoining parks.  I really enjoy seeing the waterfowl, squirrels, and people with their poochies enjoying outdoor recreational activities.  Mostly, though, I like listening to the river and watching it churn as it rushes by.  It’s really soothing to be near and contrary to my initial fears about being so close to it, it doesn’t make me have to pee all the time.

The heavy near-record snowfall we had this winter along with some heavy spring rains have caused the Boise River to raise the point that many of the trails beside the banks were flooded and closed.  And evidently there are city codes about making poor decisions along the river in these conditions too, had you survived them!


Soon the waters will recede and the trees will be overwhelming green with blooming allergens and I’ll go back to this trash can along the paved path and take another picture for comparison.

Keep walking!

~ Dawn


I woke early so I went for a long walk on the greenbelt and around some of the connecting parks.  I was mindful of the barricades and avoided the areas where the river had flooded over the pathway.  The ponds were filled with lots of noisy activity: ducks, geese, loons…  I even saw a man on a single seater inflatable  pontoon doing some early morning fly fishing.  There is so much going on with nature in the early part of the day when few people are bustling about.  Next time I’m an early bird I’m bringing my old bird book and cheap vintage binoculars.  And my camera.  I mean, why not?  Maybe even some coffee in a thermos, hearty oat muffins, and a friend or three!  Alright, I seem have next Saturday morning perfectly planned out!  DSC09305

Great Understanding

I love shoes. I love them more than money. This was evident when, once upon a time about a decade ago, I had OOOOH well over 200 pairs.  And boots, too, lots and lots of them.  Of course, many of the shoes or sandals were bought for a specific outfit that I’d wear maybe twice a year, or the boots had to have specific slacks or skirts to be worn with them for that just right fashionista look.  But with all those shoes, something was missing (besides the evident thousands of dollars spent on them).  Any ideas?

When I was a teenager my grandmother had surgery to remove some seriously huge bunions.  Her feet scared me, they were twisted and had bony growths behind the big toes, and they hurt her.  My grandmother was a beautifully statuesque woman in her day and she had big feet.  Years ago, big feet came with a heavy price – ill-fitting and ugly shoes.  Many women were constantly bothered with ingrown toenails, corns, blisters, bunions, hammer and crossover toes, and neuromas.  All were painful and some were crippling!   I, like my grandmother, have big feet, and that scared me.

Today there are great shoe options for every foot size, but many aren’t good for our feet.  It’s surprising how many people know don’t how to properly fit their shoes.  Just because you can get your foot into a shoe doesn’t mean it fits.  I know firsthand.  So do my bunions.  I know the pain of corns.  And the blisters…OMG…the bane of my existence!  And THEN I listened to my screaming mad feet.

We weren’t designed to wear shoes, but we were designed to make our lives better, and in protecting ourselves from the elements and injury, footwear came to be.  I’ve been finding my way back to having happy feet, because taking them for granted was ruining them.  I’m excited about finding functional shoes with arch support in the right place, enough room for my toes to wiggle in joy, and my heels not rolling or sliding.  Sure, this comes with a price, but I’m worth it.  My FEET are worth it.  And I’m going to continue the WALK HIKE JOURNEY with HAPPY FEET the whole way!

Sure, my feet tire and hurt sometimes, they’ve been abused for over half of a century!  I’m blessed they still serve me.  So now when “my dogs are barkin’” I’m listening, and doing what I can to show them love and vow to take good care of them for the rest of my days!

My grandmother used to tell me “big feet are a great understanding” and I never got it, only groaned at the pun. I GET IT NOW!  And my grandmother is smiling at me from her place in the stars!

Safe journey, my friends! ~ Dawn



This is the imperfect yet wildly eccentric account of a grand journey I am about to embark upon.  I am the raconteur par excellence in trail shoes with lots of wiggle room for my toes yet minimal slippage for my soles.  On my way, one step at a time.

~ Dawn