So, there’s this guy…

His name is Matt Bishop, muleskinner-barista, and he cold brews really good coffee.  And he has a working  gimmick.richardthemuleActually, he has a mule.  Richard the Mule.

Matt passionately prepares the cold brewed coffee and with the help of Richard he gets the coffee out there.  Literally OUT there on the trails in the Boise Foothills.  For no charge, he serves his coffee to hikers, bikers, and runners who wander up to him or check the posted location on his Café Mulé website.  Every week Matt updates the map on his website showing where he’s going to set up his next trail service.  And people flock to him!

On Saturdays Matt and his accomplices (family and friends) get Richard the Mule packed up and hike a few miles out into the foothills.  After Richard is unloaded and comfortably grazing, Matt sets up for service.  Tables, kegs, taps, plastic cups, a garbage can or two, and a stove and coffee pot for those who like their coffee hot.

This is Matt’s second year serving coffee on the trails, and he’s got followers.  Can you believe people hike 4 miles uphill for a little cup of cold brew?  Haha, I couldn’t believe it either, but Kristi and I are now two of their biggest fans!


Kristi and I were Café Mulé‘s very first customers this year (May 27, 2017) and took pictures to honor this glorious event!  There’s Richard in the background to the left of me.  Matt is second to the right in his signature straw hat.  We also happened to be the first customers of his second trail service this year on June 3, 2017.

 Although Matt serves his delicious brew at no charge on the trails, it can be purchased it in various establishments listed on the website.  You can also help  feed Richard through Paypal donations, the link is on the website as well.



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Facebook: Richard The Mule

Facebook Fan Page:  Café Mulé

Boise Trail Information: Ridge to Rivers


Edited to add: Kristi and I were Matt and Richards last customers of the year as well!  Congratulations Matt!  Can’t wait to see you next year!

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