I, Intruder

This past weekend I stumbled upon a little hideaway where somebody was living.  I was drawn to the spot after seeing a pink balloon in the brush.  I hiked in to check it out and saw a rolled up air mattress.  It freaked me out a little at first, of course my first thought being there’s a body hidden in there!  Well, there was no body, just the air mattress and a faded pink birthday balloon.  I turned to see a pink Disney princess sleeping bag hanging over a bent tree to dry.  It was soggy, dirty and very worn.  As I turned more I saw a tarp on the ground and some items that most would have assumed were trash, but I figured they were the only possessions this person/family had left.  I clicked the camera and climbed through the brush to get out of there as quickly as I could.  I felt an odd and unusual emotional sensation, like I accidentally saw into somebody’s dismal misfortune.  I wanted to cry.  I didn’t look back.


I walked onward to one of my favorite sections of the greenbelt, about half way between Quinn’s Pond and Veteran’s Park.  There’s this massive stone bench I perch myself upon to immerse my thoughts deep into the Boise River.  Her banks still overflowing beyond restraint, I wonder when she’s going to gain back control or if this will be her new normal.  Then I asked her in a subdued raspy whisper Do YOU believe in me?  Do YOU know if I do it?  I feel I CAN do it, the thru-hike!  I KNOW I can do it!  Why couldn’t I?  WHAT CAN STOP ME?  And then I waited, listening for her answer that I’d never hear.  I laid back on the cold stone and smiled at the sky.  I thought how grateful am I that the flock of geese overhead didn’t drop a turd on me.


All the benches along the greenbelt have memorial plaques, this one is on top on the left side.


What I really like about springtime is not that winter’s over, it’s that so much is reborn! The scents were heavy, sweet, and floral.  I could have easily become intoxicated by them and lulled into a nap in the warm grass.  I didn’t though in fear of somebody thinking I may have passed out or worse, dead!

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Peace, my loves, wherever your journey takes you!  ~ Dawn

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