GuideToWildFoodsRemember the scene from the movie Into the Wild when Chris thought he was eating one type of plant, but instead in his excitement of finding something he thought was edible, ate the one that, with all tragic irony, caused him to starve to death?

This is a different book than the one he used.  What I like about this book is that it’s got some good information on edible plants, including where they grow, their preparation, stages of the plant’s life, the seeds, nutritional and medicinal values, as well as tastes and smells.  It also includes tidbits about when the good plants are bad to eat and which plants not to eat, like the toxic and deadly ones.  The author added some interesting lore for the plants in the book too.  BUT with hand drawn one dimensional images, I have some trouble with the descriptive data! However, it only cost me a buck at a thrift store, is the 4th edition 2nd printing published in 1997, and it has a damn catchy title.

What disappointed about this book (other than the illustrations) is that it was only about plants.  I was hoping it included insects, fish, fowl, and game.  And reptiles and amphibians.  And worms and shit.  And color photographed images.  And in a pocketbook size.  My search continues.

Journey on!

~ Dawn

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